by Lana Shapoval
2024 / Ukraine / ... 72’
Investigative documentary

Filmmaker Lana organizes her documentary archive, which she began filming on the first day of the full-scale invasion. She, like millions of Ukrainians, was forced to leave her home and go abroad.

In the process of organizing the video, he notices strange patterns that raise questions. In search of answers, Lana shares her impressions with colleagues – Nick and Stefan.

Nick is a British journalist who worked for many years in the Russian Federation and at first refused to believe in armed aggression. Stefan is a Canadian of Ukrainian origin, but from the family of one of the leaders of the OUN.

Together, they research volunteer and charity organizations that care for refugees from Ukraine abroad.

It turns out that these NGOs often have Russian origins and funding. Lana, Nick, and Stefan find information about international businesses close to the Russian government that continue to operate in a terrorist country despite sanctions.

Russia threatens European countries with an energy crisis. The authors find out how corruption at the level of state leadership turned European democracies into hostages of a terrorist state.

In addition, right-wing radical parties began to win elections in Europe. The heroes find out how this is connected to Russian funding and propaganda.

Lana, Nick and Stefan are looking for answers to the question – is the war being fought only on the territory of our Ukraine? Did the aggression in the hybrid form of propaganda and terrorism go far beyond the borders of the former Soviet republics? And what impact does it have on European countries, the United States and Canada?