Early bird girl

by Christina Sivolap
2022 / Ukraine / ... 115’
Drama / Comedy / Romance

Eighteen y.o. Vira, having entered one of the capital’s universities, leaves her parents’ house for the first time in a long time. Betraying the high hopes of her parents, the girl becomes pregnant with her first boyfriend in the first month of independent life. Out of nowhere, Vira has the strength to give up a wedding with a stranger and fight a bunch of precepts that girls face during pregnancy.

directed by Christina Sivolap
written by Oleksii Sivolap, Christina Sivolap
director of photography Yaroslav Piluskiy
production design by Vlad Odudenko
music by Dmytro Shurov
edited by Sergo Klepach
produced by Igor Savychenko, Dmytro Kozhema
costume design by Kostyantyn Kravets
production companies Directory Films / …
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