The Glass House

by Taras Dron
2021 / Ukraine / ... 100’
Drama / Thriller

A tragedy occurs in a small town. A young girl disappears right during the graduation party, she disappears not alone, but together with her boyfriend, not much older than her. Victoria, the girl’s mother, a businesswoman, starts searching, but how to do it so as not to tarnish her reputation when there is a suspicion that the girl was involved in the illegal distribution of drugs via the Internet. Victoria does not believe in the assumptions of the investigation, and especially her ex-husband, whom she considers a loser and the real cause of the tragedy. Mom begins her investigation into the case and whether or not to deal with it first. The story of shifting responsibility for what happened to everyone around turns a balanced woman into a ruthless monster, ready to go head over heels so as not to ruin her comfortable world.

directed by Taras Dron
written by Taras Dron, Jakub Prysak
director of photography Oleksandr Pozdnyakov
production design by Mariya Ostrovska
produced by Igor Savychenko, Valeria Sochyvets, Dmytro Kozhema, Taras Dron
make-up Kateryna Strukova
costume design by Olena Gres
production companies Directory Films / Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema …
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