by Peter Luisi
2021 / Switzerland / Ukraine 104`

The time is 1985. The alcoholic JOSEPH lives alone and neglected in a rundown two-family house with garden. When his younger sister, a single-parent, moves into the second apartment with her 5-year-old daughter NINA, an unexpected friendship develops between Joseph and the uncared for little girl. Thirty-five years later the two meet again. In the meantime, Nina has become a drug addict and is in trouble. Joseph sets off to try and help her.

directed by Peter Luisi
written by Peter Luisi
director of photography Ramon Giger
production design by Chasper Bertschinger, Volodymyr Romanov
produced by David Luisi, Peter Luisi
co-produced by Igor Savychenko
cast Matthias Habich, Fabian Krüger, Johanna Bantzer.
sound design by Patrick Becker
costume design by Verena Haerdi, Kostyantyn Kravets
make up by Marina Aebi, Nicole Durovic
line producers Andrea Blaser, Maja Sanchez Ruiz, Dmytro Kozhema
production companies Spotlight Media Productions / Directory Films
supported by Federal Office of Culture of Swiss Confederation
sales agent