by Marysia Nikitiuk
2015 / Ukraine / 27`
Drama / Fantasy

Olga’s husband disappeared during the war in eastern Ukraine. Desperate for answers, she turns to witches, who tell her about her husband’s death. Olga loses the will to live, but the witches prepare an mandrake infusion for her to drink.

directed by Marysia Nikitiuk
written by Marysia Nikitiuk
director of photography Sergii Lysenko
music by Anton Baibakov
production design by Sergii Brzhestovskyi
edited by Ivan Bannikov, Mykola Bazarkin
produced by Igor Savychenko, Sergii Lysenko
cast Kateryna Varchenko, Rymma Ziubina, Serhii Malyuga, Oleg Primogenov, Serhii Brzhestovkyi, Alina Skoryk, Dmytro Sova
casting by Alla Samoilenko
sound design by Artem Mostovyi
costume design by Gala Otenko
make up by Asya Sutyagina
production manager Denys Vorontsov
production companies Directory Films
sales agent Directory Films