by Ganna Gnatenko-Shabaldina
2021 / Ukraine / 15`

Vira, the mother of two children, is about to have an emotional breakdown, living each next day like the one before. The so-called careless life with constant bustling around between kindergarten, developmental classes, pediatrician, and the supermarket is actually absolutely exhausting, and the difficult psychological condition is exacerbated by the chronic absence of a man at home. Eventually, the daily routine and lack of support become so unbearable that Vira is ready to strangle her own child. Strained to the limit of her resources, Vira stops and tries to find a way out of a difficult life situation.

directed by Ganna Gnatenko-Shabaldina
written by Ganna Gnatenko-Shabaldina
director of photography Dmytro Shabaldin
production design by Volodymyr Romanov
edited by Serhii Klepach
cast Alina Kostyukova, Andriy Isaenko
casting by Alla Samoylenko
sound design by Sergiy Prokopenko
costume design by Olena Gres
make up by Kateryna Strukova
creative producer Solomiya Ilnytska
produced by Igor Savychenko, Dmytro Kozhema
production companies Directory Films
supported by Ukrainian State Film Agency
sales agent Directory Films