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Directory Films was conceived in 2012 to express our creative talents and focus our efforts in the development of Ukrainian Cinema. Our team is seeking original projects with a strong message that would inspire audiences to believe that words can change the world. Whilst we may be seen as idealists we remain grounded in reality which is why most of our films were successful at festivals and reached their audiences in the cinema and on television.

Ukrainian cinema was little known but step by step, festival after festival, release by release we gradually gained recognition as valued co-producers. Starting with festivals in Berlin, Venice, Locarno, Tallinn, Warsaw and Goa our films also participated in competitions in Toronto, Rotterdam, Cairo, Shanghai, Clermont Ferrand, Cluj and many others. In the festivals, our films received numerous awards and commendations and the audience reactions both there and in the cinemas were positive.

From festivals to the commercial marketplace, to creating films in co-production we have developed our skills in both the theoretical and practical aspects of film production in the framework of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production. We now also have significant experience in the production of commercial films and series.

Perhaps that it why, in the end, most of our co-productions become artistic collaborations. We do everything possible to help those projects source talent as well as creative and technical expertise from the best professionals in Ukraine. Where possible joint funding can be arranged.

We would welcome exciting proposals for projects relating to Ukraine or which can be produced in Ukraine and look forward to discussing your ideas and how together we can bring them to fruition.